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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

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100010 [Voice Post] Apr. 26th, 2008 @ 06:40 pm
Hn. So, the child is gone, as well.

This place has grown quite tedious.

Beyond Marina-san, Haptism-san and Seiei-san... are there any of my dear guests that remain in this place?

...ah yes. Sayuri-chan.

...and dear Pudding-chan.

Still. Such strong feelings of abandonment are quite difficult to overcome. Hatake-kun, Presea-chan, and my dear Soma...

Ah, well.

No sense dwelling on the past, is there?

No no no. Not when there are still so many with whom I might share the glorious future~

(OOC: Yeah, he's going a little nuts. And mostly talking to himself.

100001 Apr. 16th, 2008 @ 11:23 pm
Private to Self//UnhackableCollapse )

(OOC: ........Szayel might actually have cried a little. D: HE LOVED HOJO AS MUCH AS A CREATURE LIKE HIM IS ABLE, OKAY? OKAY.)

100000 Apr. 12th, 2008 @ 05:45 am
Private to Grimmjow//UnhackableCollapse )

11111 Apr. 12th, 2008 @ 03:29 am

It seems the small man with delusions of grandeur has finally been sent away.

How pleasant.

I believe I shall have to celebrate.

But how, I wonder~

11110 Mar. 22nd, 2008 @ 03:06 pm

This is not amusing.

No. This would be rather the polar opposite of "amusing".

(OOC: Female!Szayel is NOT HAPPY. And, yes, I had to use Miyuki as his femme-self. It was necessary.)
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» 11101
Out with the old, and in with the new, as humans are wont to say.

Albert-kun served his purpose, but he was ultimately unreliable. Our new assistant is far more competent... aren't you, dear?

And such a debut! Why, I'm positively envious~♥

I look forward to great things from her in the future~

(OOC: Yeah, he figured... cat's outta the bag about Soma being on his side, so why not gloat about it?)
» 11100

How very interesting~

Even though it hasn't been living tissue in quite some time...


Very informative~~<3

Private to Soma//UnhackableCollapse )

(OOC: Szayel... had some fun with a copy of Schuldig's brain that Hojo gave him a while back. He's got new ideas, and he wants to test them out~♥)
» 11011 [Voice Post]
*audio clicks on rather abruptly. Szayel's voice enters quickly, though it sounds rather different than normal; gone is the playful psychopath, and in his place is a cold, clinical sort of demon*

Subject responded as expected to Type S271 non-fatal neurotoxin. Administered in the fornix, it quickly spread as calculated to the septal nuclei, and then to its terminal point at the hypothalamus. The abnormal partitioning in the hypothalamus has been altered, a process which... *Allelujah's screams of agony can be heard in the background* ...can be assumed to be quite painful. Or that might be the secondary effects of the neurotoxin. It's difficult to tell, sometimes.

And how are we feeling this morning, Allelujah? Still a bloodthirsty terrorist? Or have you been cured?

*response inaudible*

*audio cuts out*

Part 2: Private to Kurama, Val, Lockon, and Shu//UnhackableCollapse )

(OOC Explanation: Okay. Szayel escaped, because he killed himself as soon as he had reason to believe that Hojo wasn't going to be able to rescue him, and revived early this morning. He then gathered up Alle, who was heavily drugged, his helm, a few minor tools, and a few sets of plans for... interesting devices. MOST EVERYTHING WAS LEFT AT THE HIDEOUT, THOUGH. I'll prepare a proper list later. If Hojo was at the hideout, he would be taken, too. PC, I'll need to hear from you which way that went; also, if there's anything you REEEALLY don't want Hojo to lose, I can have Szayel take it. But, uh.... yeah. He lost a lot of stuff. And he's mad about that, along with what happened to the three baddies. Sooo... yeah, totally took it out on Alle. He pried out a few teeth, and ripped off a few nails, and some minor shocking aimed directly at nerves. Fun times!)

(OOC 2: Oh yeah. And, the memory he lost was his and Noitora's bushwhacking of Nel. Therefore, he doesn't know that she changed form, and he won't recognize child!Nel. <3 )
» 11010
Private to Hojo//UnhackableCollapse )
» 11001 [Voice Post


It seems those cookies you made... did not agree with me.

(OOC: He's immobilized right now, thanks to Kurama's poison. He had to have one of his altered Pokemanz activate the voice-post dealie on the terminal for him.)
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