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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

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11000 Feb. 28th, 2008 @ 02:29 am
Oh my~

Children, I have an warning for you.

It isn't wise to go walking in the woods on one's own. You never know what you might run into, after all~

On an entirely unrelated note... I seem to have a new houseguest.

A rather interesting houseguest, at that~

10111 [Voice Post] Feb. 20th, 2008 @ 05:30 pm
*a stomping noise is heard, followed by a piercing, otherworldly howl*


*the stomping recedes, and the recording cuts out*

(OOC: SO! Szayel has been de-aged. He's currently a Gillian, which means he has NO personal identity. He's... kind of a mindless killing machine. If anyone wants to deal with him, go for it~<3 )

(OOC2: So, stupid me, being an obsessive fan of Bleach, forgets that those who AREN'T might not have the slightest CLUE what this is. So, let me do a quick lesson. Hollows are souls that become corrupted, through a few different methods. When a whole fuckton of them gather and fuse, they become a Gillian, the lowest form of the elite Menos. Gillians are all identical, and have no individual identity. They are 40 stories tall, and don't "fight" so much as they "walk on things". Normally, he would be laying waste to the city with Cero blasts, but... his powers are still sealed, because he's a bad little boy. <3 )

10110 Feb. 9th, 2008 @ 01:36 am
Well... that was deliciously informative.

I suppose I should have children as houseguests with greater frequency... they're so delightfully pleasant.

Now... who shall be next~?

(OOC: Presea has been released~ She has weak, uncontrollable pyrokinesis. Prepare to have your pants set on fire, kiddies~)

10101 Feb. 3rd, 2008 @ 05:39 am
...children are positively precious sometimes. So very trusting.

Is it not beautiful?

Is innocence not truly the greatest gift of all?

Private to Hojo//UnhackableCollapse )

(OOC: The "present" he's talking about is Repliku :3 )

10100 Feb. 1st, 2008 @ 04:08 am
Were I a more frivolous sort, I might consider singing a song.


Marina-san: The headache ought to clear up within a few days. I... think your memory ought to be vastly improved, though. Apologies for the rather sudden and invasive nature of the treatment. Anything for a friend, though~

Private to Self//UnhackableCollapse )

(OOC: OKAY. So. Marina has been released. SHE now has the slightly-uncontrollable ability to project images and thoughts into the minds of others. It's a bit less wild than the thought-sensing Kakashi has, mostly because he had a bit of a template to work off of, BUT. Yes. Fun times. <3 )
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Private to Hojo and Wesker//UnhackableCollapse )
» 10010
Oh my~

To think that such an average sort would prove so useful~

Still, the process isn't complete. I require more... subjects.

Any volunteers~?
» 10001
Lunacy. That they would dare tamper with my mind is... is sheer LUNACY.

This will not be forgotten, "Gods". Though the method is as yet unknown to me, I shall take my revenge against you. Everyone has a weakness. Even gods are not untouchable.

(OOC: He's SO MAD he can't even see straight.)
» 10000
...why did I...

....Albert-kun, why are we doing these things? It... it isn't right...

These people have rights... families... they...

......I don't know...

(OOC: Inverted!Zaeruapollo has a conscience. Also, he's going to suck up liek woah to Aizen if the man pokes at him. He's going to be SO pissed when he comes out of this. F'realz.)
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...I am not amused.
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